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The world of herbs
at the Hochkönig

What sprouts here at the wayside? If you observe your surroundings carefully when hiking in the Salzburger Land, you can discover innumerable herbs and plants that are true vitality boosters and taste excellent. 

Herbal huts
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What grows here?

Herbal huts
at the Hochkönig

16 huts around the Hochkönig massif have specialised in the passion of herbs. These so-called herbal huts turn the varied and beautiful natural treasures into fragrant soaps, ointments, teas, liqueurs, salts, syrups, and oils. Every alpine hut specialises in a certain topic. In addition to Maria Alm elderflower tea, happiness liqueur, or ointment for insect bites, the landlords also produce hay milk soap, herbal salts, herbal oils, and syrups.

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Fragrant treasures 
Children picking flowers on a meadow in the mountains during their summer holidays
Discover nature yourself 

Herbal hikes for children

Children, it’s getting exciting! Herbal hikes at the Hochkönig in the Salzburger Land are also available for little guests. The little “natural scientists” can look forward to wooden memory stones (one for each herbal hut) with an animal motif and a little book with legends - a wonderful souvenir of the holidays in Maria Alm!

Page in a pass for collecting stamps at the Hochkönig
Collect stickers! 
Herbal passport

Who can collect more stickers?

There is a collection pass for particularly diligent hikers. Collectors will receive one sticker for every visited herbal hut. In the end, the hikers can pick up a gift in the form of products from the herbal huts. Hike for your personal Hochkönig souvenir!

Little herbs - big performance

A preview of the world of herbs

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