View of a sauna panelled with wood at the Hochkönig
Sauna & steam bath

Sauna world at the hotel Lohningerhof

Celebrate heat and do something for your health: There is hardly anything that feels so good as a sauna visit after an active day or for a little break. Whether classically hot or relatively gentle warmth, at the hotel Lohningerhof you have various sauna options at your disposal - non-nude sauna and adults-only sauna included.

Sauna & steam bath
More than hot air

Sauna pleasures
in Maria Alm

Feel the pleasant heat deep in your body and let all burdens fall from you. Different sauna variants will welcome you after an actively spent day at the Hochkönig in the spa world of the hotel Lohningerhof. Look forward to:

  • Shepherd’s sauna
  • Herbal sauna (60 °C)
  • Steam bath
  • Non-nude sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Tanning beds
  • Heated benches
  • Tea bar
Entrance to the herbal sauna in the wellness hotel Lohningerhof at the Hochkönig
Water is poured onto the stones of a sauna stove with a ladle
The inside of an infrared cabin with two seats
Invigoration after a day of skiing
Relax like a king

Wellness in a double pack

Two spa areas will await you at the hotel Lohningerhof: In the LoHo Relax area, you will find two saunas and a steam bath (adults only, as of 16 years). The LoHo Rooftop on the 3rd floor will await you with a fantastic infinity outdoor pool with an entrance on the inside and jets, various relaxation areas and the cosy non-nude sauna. Choose your favourite type of relaxation every single day.

Spa opening hours
Close-up of the rooftop panorama pool and the mountains around Maria Alm
A non-nude sauna in a spa hotel in Maria Alm
Good for the body and soul 
View into a sauna in the spa hotel at the Hochkönig
Some like it hot 
Non-nude sauna

Sauna for everyone

The non-nude sauna welcomes anyone, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced sauna visitor. Even the little and littlest ones can get a taste of the sauna during their holidays, together with the grown-ups. The non-nude sauna can only be used wearing swimwear and is set to a child-friendly temperature that is easy on the circulation.